Buying clothes you love but you’ll probably never/rarely wear?

I’d love to start a discussion on how you stop yourselves from either a) buying clothes you love but will never wear, or b) making yourself wear those clothes.

I have a terrible habit of buying clothes that I really seem to love, that I think to look nice on me etc but which are probably a little more dressy or more ‘out there’ than my usual style. I often buy the item of clothing, love it every time I try it on, but then when I’m reaching for something to wear… I choose something else. Often something which I feel is less “showy” than the item in question.

For example, right now I’m absolutely stuck on whether to return a jumpsuit I bought (this one.. sorry for the changeroom shots). It’s gorgeous. I really love it in all ways and I think it looks great on me. But realistically, it’s probably a little dressy for my general weekend wear. I’m not sure where I’d choose to wear it.. probably not to the markets, probably not to a brunch, maybe for a fancy dinner or night out, but those are rare occasions. I’m more likely to go for a casual dinner and drinks, and I’d choose something less dressy. I don’t know if it’s just that I’m not used to wearing something like this or if I’m just feeling self-conscious, but I feel like I’d look out of place if I wore this to the markets or something.

So I end up stuck on what to do. I love it on me and want to keep it, but I feel like it’s unlikely I’ll wear it often and it’ll end up sitting in the back of my closet, being admired but rarely being utilized. And I feel a bit sad cos I want to keep it, but I’m really trying not to spend money frivolously like that and know that I could use that and spend on something a little simpler, perhaps not as unique/dressy but that I’d get more out of.

So.. how do you settle this internal battle?!

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